About The Project

Pro Trader is all about buying, Selling and Auctions. They allow for people to create vendors account and use pro-trader as a marketplace for their own products/services. We setup their whole store, and auction platform. They currently specialise in Real Estate but will be expanding into other categories like livestock, Diesel, Farms and other investment opportunities. We also manage their Digital Marketing on various platforms like LinkedIn, Google Ads and facebook.

Category: Web development, WordPress, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
Start date: 1 Dec 2019
Finish date: 16 Dec 2019
Website: https://www.pro-trader.co.za


In a world where the digital landscape shifts and changes in the blink of an eye, Logiic IT, offers clients design and development that shifts and changes with the changing landscape. We do this by never stopping the relentless pursuit for better - better solutions, better design and better service.

Contact info
Amarand Ave
Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

Phone:  +1 (941) 462-4623 (USA)

Phone:  +27 (12) 003 2918 (South Africa)


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